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1.5) Identify and explain the main Magento design areas (adminhtml and frontend)


All frontend files are stored in three main Magento design areas.
Files from this area will be displayed during the installation process.
Everything that you will observe while working in the admin panel can be found here. In other words, if module performs anything related to admin panel, all templates and layouts will be there.
Everything that can be observed on your webstore by any customer is stored there.
There are two basic packages that come with Magento installation – base and default for Community Edition, base and enterprise for Enterprise Edition and base and pro for deprecated Professional Edition.
Theme is a set of layout, template, locale and skin files, i.e. visual representation of your store. Magento is built with the option of loading multiple themes which can be divided into two major types:
Default theme
Each package has a ‘default’ theme, i.e. the main theme of this interface. Magento automatically searches the default theme and loads it to the front-end. There are two ways of changing a store appearance: either by bringing changes directly to the theme, or, which I personally find better, creating an individual non-default theme.
Non-default theme
Non-default theme can be completely different from the default theme or may contain some images of them. Corrections in CSS file, layout file and all the rest will be loaded from the interface default theme. Dig more about creation of a non-default theme here.

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