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1.3) Describe Magento templates and layout files location

Layout files are separated on a per-module basis, every module bringing with it its own layout file (for instance 'catalog.xml' is a layout file for the catalog module, 'customer.xml' is for the customer module...etc). These layout files are located in app/design/frontend/your_interface/your_theme/layout/ and each file is further separated by handles (see diagram 1), each handle (with the exception of ) assigning its nested updates to the according specific page in the store."

A theme consists of the following elements:

Layout folder includes XML files that define the layout of the theme. Layout files work as a “glue” between the modules (which are found under the app/code directory), and the template files. For more information read Intro to Layouts.
Because of Magento modularity, all XML files of the default theme are stored in separate folders with the name of the module to which they belong to. A non-default theme, contrariwise, should have a single layout file, named local.xml, where all layout updates are placed.
Template folder contains of .phtml files that have HTML and PHP code for each Magento blocks which will be displayed in the frontend.
Locale folder contains .of CSV files organized on a per language basis that provide translations in format of languagecode_COUNTRTYCODE (en_US or en_UK)/translate.csv. More detailed information about internationalization will come in the future articles.


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