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make failed error when installing pdo via pecl

  • sudo apt-get install php5-sqlite
    The biggest issue here is that PDO is no longer supported in PECL and has been moved to CORE. 
    On that note all the PDO drivers for the respected databases have been moved into the main php5 database packages. So when you install php5-sqlite it not only installs the basic driver it also installs the pdo driver at the same time.
    Now if you are getting this error that means that you already attempted to install the outdated pecl version. Doing that seems to corrupt your php installation and now even if you install the right package it still wont work.
    To fix this you must PURGE not remove all the installed packages that start with php5 including php itself.
    Once all these packages are purged reinstall the ones you deleted. 
    Finally install the correct php5 database package, so for sqlite install php5-sqlite. After which pdo-sqlite will be properly installed and ready for use.

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