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Q.1.16) How many options exist to add a custom translation for any given string?

 As mentioned above, there are three options in Magento to add a custom translation to a text string: module translation, theme translation and inline translation.

1. Module translation
Module translations are stored in app/locale/languagecode_COUNTRYCODE/ folder in form of csv files, named as Namespace_Modulename.csv All string in extensions that are inside __() method can be translated this way
2. Theme translation
Strings can be translated inside your theme, for that you just need to set locale via Magento admin area, then create translate.csv in app/design/frontend/<package>/<theme>/locale/ languagecode_COUNTRYCODE and put your translated strings inside this CSV
“My Cart”,”My Basket”
“My Account”,”Account”
There are a lot of tips&tricks that can be described on this subject (module and theme translations), so I feel like they deserve an individual article. Stay tuned!
3. Inline translation
To enable inline translation you need to log into Admin panel and go to System -> Configuration -> Developer.
You need to select Store view from scope select and enable inline translation for this desired store view there.

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