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Q.1.17) What is the priority of translation options?

 As we saw in intit() method from

//Loading data from module translation files
        foreach ($this->getModulesConfig() as $moduleName=>$info) {
            $info = $info->asArray();
            $this->_loadModuleTranslation($moduleName, $info['files'], $forceReload);

It means that Magento loads translations in the following order:
CSV in /app/locale
CSV in /app/design/<area>/<package>/<theme>/locale (theme folder translate)
Database (table core_translate)
Which, in turn, means that inline translation (table core_translate) has the highest priority, then goes translate.csv from your theme folder and finally module translations from app/locale. 
Note : it works on modules without the main modules (Mage_All)

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