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Use PPK file (privatekey for window) in Mac Terminal to connect to remote connection over SSH

 You can ssh directly from the Terminal on Mac, but you need to use a .PEM key rather than the putty .PPK key. You can use PuttyGen on Windows to convert from .PEM to .PPK, I'm not sure about the other way around though.

You can also convert the key using putty for Mac via port or brew:

sudo port install putty 


brew install putty 

This will also install puttygen. To get puttygen to output a .PEM file:

puttygen privatekey.ppk -O private-openssh -o privatekey.pem 

Once you have the key, open a terminal window and:

ssh -i privatekey.pem 

The private key must have tight security settings otherwise SSH complains. Make sure only the user can read the key.

chmod go-rw privatekey.pem

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